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Note 20 ultra Camera blur

(Topic created on: 24-12-2022 10:16 AM)
Been having issues with the 1x camera on the above taking blurry photos, have tried all sorts of stuff, resetting camera settings, clearing cache etc but nothing fixes, have noticed that a quick forward and back shake sorts out the auto focus in lastp few days and if i put yhe phone close to my ear can definately hear a slight rattle aroung the camera bezel, is this anything anyone else has experienced ? Would Samsung fix under warranty ? Had the phone 14 months
Thanks Sean
Don't shake the phone about or you could damage the camera sensors. The rattle is to do with the camera optic so if you shake it about you may cause damage to the device. Iv'e heard some people with the S22 and S21 range have reported the same complaint as you are having. Don't know if a fix will cure the problem.
Yes, I have the same issue with the Galaxy s22 ultra. Could be software related
Big Cheese
I have the same issue on my S21 Ultra @seanboyforest and have had it for about seven months now. The same focus issue on the x1 (108Mp) lens that is. The rattle is the optical image stabilization system on your phone and I don't recommend shaking your phone vigorously and hearing this.
I don't think there will be a software cure for this but I have a work around as I take thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos. On my 21U I open the camera and the x1 lens is blurry so I select my x10 lens which is in focus and then drop down to my x3 lens and then drop to the x1 lens and it is now bang in focus. It remains in focus for the rest of my photo session if I don't allow the camera app to close fully. If the camera closes I go through the process again. I do the same for video. I know on the Note 20 ultra you have a triple lens set up so go to your x5 lens and allow that to focus before dropping down to x1 and see if this works. The ultra wide lens is no help in getting your x1 lens to focus for some reason?. All this sounds a pain I know, but I am so used to doing all this that I would probably still follow the procedure if a software cure is eventually sent out!..🤣🤣🤣. I don't know if you could push for a repair under warranty with this problem?... I think you may have a case, but I will be upgrading my 21U in two months so I can happily live with the problem for sure. 👍👍
It's the same thing on the Samsung s20 ultra, why did Samsung bring out a brilliant camera phone and totally mess the software up, total disgusting for a phone £1400.

any other phone manufacturer would of sorted the problem out. But Samsung don't care.

Same on the Note20. Very frustrating as I use it for work.