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Note 10+ Pro Video mode - not recording with 60fps with Manual Shutter

(Topic created on: 25-04-2020 09:18 AM)
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ok, so the PRO VIDEO (for the note 10+ - recent update to OneUI 2.1) app is nothing compated to filmic pro but a move in the right direction.


The last couple days i exported my footage shot in 1080p60 and 4k60, all manual settings (ISO, shutter, aperture, WB), no software stabilation (I used a gimbal). Footage looked great BUT it recorded at 30fps, not 60fps.


I couldnt work out for the life of me until just now and realised all footage will be 30fps regardless of what you set unless you leave the shutter in AUTO mode. Now it records at 60fps. Every other setting can be manual except the shutter. Now this is a big problem as I cannot keep a constant exposure, or if I want to keep my shutter at 1/125 manually  I cannot. In auto shutter, depending on lighting conditions it sometimes drops to 1/90 resulting in somewhat blurred frames just to keep exposure higher. This is not what I WANT nor it is a PRO camera with this limitation.


The workaround to keep the sutter fixed is to keep it on AUTO shutter but then AE lock it, but screw that, i just want to set my settings manually and shoot without too much fidling around.


Has anyone come across this issue or know of a workaround using manual shutter?




@RVEL  Hello, big thank you to point this out !


I did not notice it before, because i always used 30p for pro mode, since i used it mainly indoor and it allows 1/30s shutter.

But i just did the test and whatever shutter i manually set, the video turns out to be FHD 30p.

In auto shutter it shows 60p indeed.


I have removed any kind of stabilization etc. But could not manage 60p if i set a fixed shutter speed, i tried 60p with 1/60s shutter, then 1/120s, then 1/1000s, but nothing, the video always turns out to be 30p in this case.


That's just weird... Going to report it on samsung members.


@AntS or any Admin, any chance that you could escalate this ?

There is this bug in PRO MODE video : even if we set FHS 60P, the video is 30P at the end if and only if we fix manually the shutter speed.


This bug happens on Exynos, with CTC and CTD firmwares, but seems to work on Snapdragon.


I have the same issue.  I was starting to do some videoblogging and the pro vídeo mode was usefull, but now i'm forced to shoot at 30 fps.


Thanks for the advice on the shutters speed in auto, i can work with that till Samsung fix this.