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Note 10 lite False Overheating and Not Charging Correctly

(Topic created on: 07-08-2021 06:28 PM)
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I've recently got my Note 10 lite a few months ago all was fine with it. A few days ago I accidentally dropped it on the ground and since then I've been having issues with the phone

Whenever I open any app my phone notifies me that the phone is overheating and kicks me out of the app and stuff while my phone is cold and no heat is coming from the device

and whenever I try to charge the phone it starts charging but after a few seconds the battery icon starts flickering and I am unable to do anything to help, I've checked the port and there is no dust visible inside that could interrupt the charging process, Ive lost the officially supported charger and I have bought many other chargers nothing has helped really 


I've factory reset but the phone has actually overheated for a minute going back to having the same issues, I cant really afford to go to a phone repair service or anything like that atm would really appreciate some help!

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Might be with checking with family, friends or work colleague's etc if they have an official Samsung charger that's OK to use just to make sure it's not your caring brick or cord is at fault.

Unfortunately the accidental drop may have caused some issues inside your phone @sap1 which will need to be possibly looked at via an authorised engineer.

A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look or if your area support the Service look at Samsungs doorstep repair service.

Unfortunately accidental damage isn't covered by the manufacturers warranty however.

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