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Cannot restore : the restore to note 10+ has been canceled ( confirm button)

(Topic created on: 25-01-2020 02:54 PM)
First Poster

Hi all , I have 2 external hard drive ,constently attached to my PC.
Because I didn't have enough space on internal hard drive, I installed smart switch on one of the external and backed up my note 8  a month ago and restored it to my note 10+ successfully.
I had to change my note 10+ to a new note10+ , so I backed up my old note 10+ using smart switch again , BUT smart switch created back up file , WITH SAME NAME as my previous back up and ALSO SAVED IT ON MY OTHER EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE ! which is wierd.
I tought as long as it could find it ,it's better I don't chabge location manually ,so I let it be. 
But today I am trying to restore those data to my new note10+ , and smart switch constantly giving me this message :
"restore to samsung note10+ has been canceled" with a confirm button next to it! ****************

I checked preferances and location of the back up is correct , but not sure why it acts like that .
If I copy/paste back up from external drive2 to 1 , I will have to folder with one name , and not sure if I should mix two folders ot keep one .

I appreciate if someone shed some light .
Thanks in advance