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Playing with light with photo editors

(Topic created on: 12-01-2023 03:50 AM)
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Sometimes I look at my photos and tell myself that the photo does not represent the light that I think was present in the scene and in my memory. (This is a translation, some mistakes can happened, just tell me)

For better viewing and to see all the photos in this article, use your favorite browser by clicking on this link

Many people know that I don't particularly like retouching my photos, but I do it to improve a photo by trying to reproduce the colors that, according to my memory, should be found in the photo.

With the Samsung editor you can play with light by clicking on the icon resembling the sun and you can modify the brightness , exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows,  saturation,  shades, temperature, sharpness and  light balance.


The Samsung 's Editor is the easiest to  understand, use it!

The 2 parameters I use the most are:  Saturation enhances the colors making them more intense and temperature will allow you to make the colors colder with negative values ​​(blue) while positive values ​​will play with the colors warmer (the yellow) making your photos brighter.

Here are some modified photos that I hope you will like... I put the original photo first and then the slightly modified photo:




After (Temperature increased)

Here is another:




After (slightly saturated and increased temperature) ...maybe I shouldn't have saturated the image...You be the judge!

Everything is a matter of taste, I could have saturated the photos as some like but I preferred to play with the temperature to bring out the colors of the sun on the branches and on the ground..

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I too use the photo editor if I feel the photo has come out wrong.
I want the photo to come out, exactly as I see it when taking the picture.