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(Topic created on: 22-05-2022 12:15 AM)
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Just bought a Samsung A53 on Amazon .Apparently its a USA phone.I gave been told that even though the phone is sold as unlocked , this is in fact untrue.You cannot use a dual sim card on an American esim card.Therfore the A53 is being missold as a unlocked dual sim phone , when in fact it isn't. If you ring Samsung at first they didn't even realise the USA phones are not dual sim Samsung are in my opinion deliberately not making this public and allowing firms like Anazon to sell these phones online without making it clear they are neither unlocked or dual sim. Also when you try and register the sim , Samsung give you an error message blaming YOUR sim provider. A complete lie and very musleading ss they very well know it is there restrictions !!!!ABSOLUTELY DISGRASFUL ! They say that it is clearly stated on their website but I would bet Amazon sell three times the amount of Samsung phones than Samsung do.So tgey are complicit in alliwing the miselling of their product. DISGRASFUL.
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Different regions have different requirements. Such as mobile bandwidths.
The seller of the device should make this clear.
Samsung makes devices to suit different regions, and its not Samsung's fault that different bandwidths are used.
Importing phones is something that you need to do your homework on, as features can be different on what appears to be same devices.
Again this is down to regional differences.
Bottom line is, it's down to the seller to disclose it's an imported device and, if you know its imported. You need to do your homework and find out if its compatible with the region you are using it in
I've imported so many phones and fallen foul myself a couple of times. My fault for not looking into it properly
There are lots of phones listed on Amazon all with varying prices, a lot of the cheaper ones are imported and more often then not say this is the description, a lot of the cheaper s21 Fe 5g versions I was looking at stated German/Greece etc.

Due diligence is needed when buying phones especially from a global marketplace, I specifically searched
S21 FE 5g UK version
And made sure it stated UK version in the title of the advert, I also made sure I got one that was supplied and shipped by Amazon as returning it in the event something's wrong is pretty straight forward.

It also doesn't hurt to ask Samsung themselves, I used the ask a question within this app and spoke to customer services on the phone who were more than happy to check and clarify the phone was going to work fine in the UK. (Once I received the handset for piece of mind regarding firmware/security updates)

If you didn't buy it direct from Amazon then ask the seller for a return, if that fails have Amazon call you and request a A to Z guarantee dispute/return.

Good luck.
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The Unlocked USA Galaxy A53 ...(SM-A536UZKDXAA)... *IS* a Dual SIM model.
BUT Samsung has yet to update software to enable the second SIM.
It's still unclear if the second SIM will be a hardware SIM or an e-SIM as Samsung seems to be unwilling to make that clear. 
This is not a seller issue as much as it is a Samsung issue.
It's extremely frustrating and disappointing to say the least.