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Setting OUTGOING call barring on my Galaxy A51

(Topic created on: 12-08-2021 09:28 PM)
Galaxy A Series

I am seeking to set up OUTGOING call barring on my A51. I say OUTGOING as in the past whenever I have wanted information from people they always assumed it was for INCOMING barring I was seeking. But no, today it's OUTGOING barring only for this post.

In order to activate OUTGOING barring it days I need a password which I'm told should have a default set by Samsung so my first question:
- what is the default password for OUTGOING barring?

My phone is dual SIM and therefore I am assuming that for OUTGOING barring there should be separate settings for each SIM, is that correct?

Now, not having a password yet, it is telling me that BOTH SIMS need to have mobile data access for barring. Why is that as I only want to use mobile data on my SIM1 and NOT SIM2? So why does it need mobile data access on SIM2? Other (non Samsung) dual SIM phones don't force me to have mobile data on BOTH SIMS when setting call barring.

Superuser II
Superuser II
Galaxy A Series

In regards to the call barring password if it isn't 0000 or 1234 then you'll need to speak with your network provider customer services for the password and or Google Search something similar to What is the Call Barring Password  [ enter your network name ]

Possibly once you have the password then something like a pop up will ask for you to choose Sim1 or Sim2 or both.

Connection to Mobile Data I assume is so your connected to your network to complete the Barring process.

You may also find some form of Call Barring in your Network App.

I wish you all the best with this @WobSleptHere 

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