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Samsung galaxy A8, return to factory settings, unauthorized

(Topic created on: 28-07-2018 03:40 PM)

Hello, my brother has a Samsung Galaxy A8, we left for three weeks yesterday on vacation, his internet did not work so he thought 'I'll turn my phone on and off' but when he wanted to turn it on he forgot his password, (it was not a number code or a grid but he also had to use letters and he really could not remember that he had ever used such a code) instead of patiently waiting and thinking about what it could be, after he had tried it a few times, he decided to return the phone to factory settings, but after he wanted to turn it on again the phone first did said welcome and that he must connect to wifi to continue, but as soon as he tried it, it said: "there was an unauthorized attempt to return your phone to factory settings" and now he can't get further than that screen.. Any idea how this can be solved?? Many thankssss

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Usually there's an option to log into your Samsung Account and reset that way and or if you have a Samsung Experience Store in your country they'll help. 



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What that is, its called FRP (factory reset protection) lock it is a feature that prevents people having unauthorised access to your device e.g. if it was stolen then the perpetrator who got hold of the device could simply wipe and they would have themselves a new phone with this once they wipe it they will have to use the google account that was linked to that device before it was wiped and sign in with that failure to do so leaves the phone in such a state that no matter how many times a factory reset is done it will always present you with that screen. The only option here is to either log in with that email account and password failing to do so take it a Samsung support center and it will need to be flashed which for the UK is free but you will need your POP (proof of purchase)