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Samsung A41 Galaxy - modified product

(Topic created on: 04-12-2020 02:02 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

I have just bought what I thought was a genuine UK model Galaxy A41 from BT Shop.

What has arrived is one with a seal on it saying that the item was originally a European model which was brought into the country by Reseal Ltd, who have "opened it, replaced the original 2 pin with a 3 pin Samsung charger, and replaced the existing firmware wth an English firmware variant" before resealing it.


I understand that if Samsung have approved the company, that it should be OK, but how do you verify this ? says that there is a list of companies that have entered into such an agreement at but this only shows a list of countries. If you click on the link for UK English you just get directed to - no list of approved companies.


BT Shop are currently only operating email contact, no Chat or phone line and my 2 emails apear to have been ansered by AI - not a human.


Can anyone help me please.