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Pro/Manual camera on (some of) the A series devices

(Topic created on: 07-04-2021 09:09 PM)
First Poster

Grettings to everyone reading this. So I was messing around with the camera thinking why hasn't Samsung included a proper Pro mode in their camera app yes you can download apps like Open Camera and have stuff like iso control and shutter speed control, but while trying to dig through the settings of the app and many other apps I cannot go into the wide camera or have longer exposure on the main camera or have access to the front flash(I Am using the galaxy A7 2018 and i also tried on the A41 using open camera to see if I can use the wide angle camera in the app or the long exposure but it doesn't seem to work) So I was thinking post it here maybe we could know why Samsung has not released a update that has these feature it might be a money thing here,  since they do and are pushing their S series smartphones which I get it you gotta do what you need to do to survive. I do love the A7 had a nice price for the time and a beautiful design. Well anyways thank you for reading my post folks see ya👋

Helping Hand
Samsung did enable a proper pro mode on A series devices that are the a51, a71, a52 and a72. It has upto 10s exposure instead of 30s on the recent flagships (S10 and newer), but apart from that it is identical.