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Open many if any apps or make purchases ascphone keeps saying access denied so a

(Topic created on: 09-02-2023 03:33 PM)
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Also I cannot open apps buy from normal shopping sites and worse uf I suddenly need emergency help from my team I noe csnt nake nir recieve calls and j dint touch the phone order than attempt to o things all other phones I've ever had has never been such a traumatic piece of crappie that if I could buy a phone now I'd just throw it or maybe stamp on it put it in the bath snd kill the blummin piece of rubbish as it's ruined mu existence and stopped me from using social media yo stay in contact but every site I go on to buy something it says access denied then starts showing what I think are adverts and also since this Samsung update that occurred without my knowledge until I saw downloaded apps of mine still wetecin colour but everything Samsung is blsnd and just brick basically buy I am at risk as I have no way of receiving calls from Dr's hospital carers or making them dhould I fall or suddenly have massive breathing issues and I would request that action is started do you can have this thing bsvk snd a fill refund plus compensation for the distress and hardship this has caused me and yes itchas in abusive way missing appts for chemotherapy anx buying online as access denied by Samsung. I'm in WiFi constantly sbd have had phone looked at but git told by a friend of a friend whi knows about opines basically thus us a dudf ohonecasvu said un beginning that it's the end from backroom I'd teaci mobile inspire abd 1sr 2 were faulty but rhenium I meeded a phone so got om desperate measun I was told whatvs wonderful phone abd so nant features bur uts completely faulty abd uf it isn't sorted today a solution then thus will be in the batiobak beds as a terminally ill almost 69 yrs old housebound woman with now no way of contacting pr being contacted and is putting my lifecatvderious risk
 Also I'm seeking some form of compensation ( big goodwill gesture as this nightmare has started last summer snd yodsu I eoke yo find I can only txt smd email which I am on floor I will have to stay and carers will think I'm fine as ice nit requested anything so please this thru and I 
Obviously Samsung g will be contacted before this goes on air as to ic you wish to make a comment and if nit and after still going national news snd no solution my lawyer friend will go yo small. Claims court yo get not only refund and compensation for months of a useless phone a bf or a big goodwill gesture as ny life is on yhr line now more than ever. Thanks abd regards Nrs Koppll