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One UI 1.2 Suggestion Idea Concept for all Devices running One UI (A50 included)

(Topic created on: 02-06-2019 11:08 PM)

Hello Samsung I have a concept idea about a possible One UI 1.2 version for current version of Android and for all devices running One UI including Samsung Galaxy A50:

Samsung Beta Club with other users to get Beta Preview Builds of what Samsung is working on the next updates/builds or next One UI versions
- Beta Forum Community/Category
- Send Suggestions/Report features
- Notices Section with upcoming beta builds -> changelog & release date
- Beta Software Updates with improvements, new features and bugfixes
- Samsung Beta Club includes One UI Beta Program for all devices worldwide (One UI required) in all countries including Romania

 - Android Beta Feedback Updates with new features and improvements

 - New features and improvements

 - Gaming Performance improvements

 - Performance improvements

 - Stability Improvements

 - Battery Stability improvements and new optimizations

 - Android Q Google apps support and compatibility for Android Pie 

 - UI improvements

 - Android Q Beta for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Also i think the next versions of One UI should include Android Framework improvements, ART Runtime improvements, libs improvements and fixes, upgraded kernel which fixes any battery drain problems and improves Battery Stability and Life, C++ improvements, new features and improvements, ARM64 improvements, API improvements, Battery Repair & Optimization tools, Android Core improvements and fixes, Adaptive Battery improvements and new features, Live Caption Feature, Android Defragmentation Feature which allows system to load and respond much faster, Privacy Guard Feature, Wi-Fi improvements and new features/tools, RAM Memory improvements & tweaks, UI improvements and fixes, Night Mode improvements and Camera improvements (Quality, Live Focus, Selfie Live Focus, Slow-mo and Pro) and Samsung Apps updates.

Samsung and Google needs to work harder on Android to improve it because we care so much for Samsung.

   And for Samsung Beta Club app Suggestion let me fully explain it:

This app is a beta program for all devices running One UI worldwide where users can get Beta Preview versions of Samsung's next versions of One UI with a beta forum community or category, notices section with scheduled upcoming builds with changelog and release date, and more.

   Because why not? Think about it: all devices running One UI in all countries gets in a new beta program, Users will be able to find bugs and give suggestions, this will improve Samsung's One UI evolution and Samsung can faster roll out Android Q (probably One UI 2.0) much early without bugs and stable. Think about having millions and thousand users around all the world with all devices running One UI with their support how positively impact the process of next Android/One UI version.