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Ni camera or microphone anymore, only regular phonecalls.. HELP!

(Topic created on: 23-06-2021 03:16 AM)
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I'm on a Samsung Galaxy A51 and having cam/mic problems

Since yesterday, I'm having this very annoying issue:

  • My mic won't record any sound if I open like sound recorder/voice recorder, Google Assistant, .... only phone calls work flawlessly
  • My camera doesn't work, I can't even open the camera app any more, and like in WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, it says to restart my phone to get the access to the camera, with the camera app itself there a short pop-up stating that the security policy revokes access to the camera... restarting of course does not work...

I've already tried these things:

  • removing cache from ALL apps (using Appmgr III PRO for that)
  • cleared data and cache from camera, google services
  • removed, rebooted, and reinstalled google search and assistant
  • went into safe mode, no camera there, same problem
  • went into biometrics & security and went into "other security settings" and disabled all apps in the devicemanagment apps screen, also removed all unneeded "trusted agents" (only smartlock is now enabled in there, I don't use Bixby)
  • Play protect says I don't have any "bad apps", i also never side loaded anything, was using the same apps as before

-The trouble started when I was updating apps in the background and using the camera app itself, All of a sudden the Google app seemed to be crashing, so I got that bad update, in the meantime i "removed all updated" from Google search, so it stopped crashing all the time, but the cam+mic didn't come back, now we're a day later, and I've even installed the patched version of google search, this one doesn't crash all the time any more, and I still have this issue...

Also, on my 2016 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 the Google search app also started crashing, but there things resolved just fine without interaction after updating the app again. Camera and mic still working on the 5 yr old tablet, but not on my 1yr old phone...

Please help me, thank you!

Edit: Now trying safemode as a measure... no more mic at phonecalls either..

When on the samsung members page

Click on the get help button

Then click on interactive

And run a mic test

And camera test

And see if it helps
Resolve the issues
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Trying the samsung members app and using those tests, it didn't fix anything, furthermore it's telling me that i should visit a support center to fix my phone... it's thinking there is a hardware issue because it can't turn on either of the devices, says it cannot connect..

though, when i try to start the camera app, it's telling me it cannot run because of security policies, nothing about device problems (hardware failure). something has gone terribly wrong...

Thing is, if i send in my mobile i'll be unable to receive phonecalls for a few weeks as i don't have any other smartphone anymore (i gave my previous phone awy to my mother as a present, can't ask that back, also it's battery is draining too fast for my usage)


i'd like to reflash the phone with it's newest firmware (if that doesn't break warranty ofcourse); at this moment it's never been flashed before, so it's running all original and i have 0 sideloaded apps