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Media player lock screen controls

(Topic created on: 02-10-2021 07:05 AM)
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Galaxy A Series

Hi all. 

I've recently upgraded from a Google Pixel to the Galaxy A52s. 

I listen to podcasts regularly and am used to controling them on the lock screen. On my new phone however, the lock screen media player doesn't have a fast forward control, just skip to next or previous track. 

Also I am used to plugging the phone into the car, unplugging it when popping to the shop etc and plugging it back in when I'm done and it instantly resumes playing. But on the new phone if I pause on the lock screen media player for more than about a minute the controls disappear so I have to unlock the phone and resume playing manually.

It's really frustrating, generally when you upgrade your phone you expect to have new features rather than lose the ones you're used to. Especially if you're remaining on Android.

Is there anii can do about this or am I going to be frustrated for the next 2 years? 😞

Thanks all




First Poster
Galaxy A Series

I have the same question/need.  Furthermore, I'm specifically using the Google Podcast app.  The Google Podcast app icon used to display on the lock screen when I was running the app and listening to a podcast, now just the regular Google app icon ("G") appears, and as the OP mentioned, there are no functions on the media control to skip back/forward x seconds (just previous/next, which are grayed out; can only pause/play), and also the podcast subscription name shows "unknown," though the name of the episode is displayed..  And to make things more frustrating, when I tap the media controls that are on the lock screen, instead of opening the Google Podcase app, it opens regular Google, yet shows the Google Podcast icon on the Google app in the recent apps list.

I have an S21 Ultra with a phone cover that lets me see the time and notification icons on the right edge.  I have to open and close the cover to see the time and notifications, but tapping to "wake it up" doesn't work (by design?).  I can then scroll to see the media controls when my podcast app is running/playing, but again, there are no "skip back/forward x seconds" controls, the next/previous controls are grayed out, only the pause/play button works, and the app icon represents the Samsung Music app.

Tapping on the clock on the lock screen will change the media controls and present the "skip back/forward x seconds."

So, this is a workaround but it's a PITA to have to do this in two steps, rather than have the proper controls as it used to before Android 11.  And this workaround only gets you to the desired media controls but doesn't solve the rest of the weirdness (incorrect app controls, incorrect app icon, tapping opens incorrect app).

Getting past the lock screen to the desktop, when I pull down the notifications shade, the skip time controls, podcast subscription name, and app icon display correctly.