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Galaxy A5 (2017) [SM-A520F] Screengrabs Please

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Hi - first post so hoping the Community can help me please :-) Thank you!


We build websites, our client's a commercial photographer. I'm trying to get to the bottom of a website styling issue. One website user sees very large font sizes on their Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) [SM-A520F] when looking at the website homepage: - see users' screengrab attached.


User assures me that they haven't increased font size in browser [Firefox 68.0] or in OS [Android 8.0.0]


May I ask the Community for users with a Galaxy A5 to visit the website above, take a screengrab of the home page and then return to share their screengrabs please?


All input and replies very much appreciated.


Thank you very much. /S

14:26 GMT


- Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) [SM-A520F]

- Android 8.0.0

- Firefox 68.0



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