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A71 Notification Vibration Issue

(Topic created on: 16-02-2023 05:13 PM)
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Hi. I hope someone can please put me out of my misery. I've recently purchased an A71 and CAN NOT get the phone to stop vibrating when notifications come in! I work in an office and always have my phone set to vibrate instead of 'loud'. However there are still certain apps I don't want to vibrate when a notification comes in e.g Email, as I have emails coming in constantly, and this also is not good in a workplace. 

Going into the android notification settings for the email App, I can 'alow notifications', 'allow sound and vibration' (I want an audible alert for when the phone IS on 'loud' outside of work), and under 'notification categories' I can turn 'vibrate' *OFF* for 'new emails', which I have done. HOWEVER, my phone still vibrates for every email received! This is happening on other apps too, even though the 'vibrate' setting is set to 'OFF'. There are no in-app settings conflicting with this. To add more confusion, when the phone is on 'loud', it is acting correctly (just an audible alert and no vibration). So please can someone tell me what is going on? 

I have never had any previous Samsung phone I've owned behave like this, and that includes a previously owned A71! This one is running Android 13, One UI 5. Has something changed?

Thanks in advance. 

First Poster

Settings --> notifications--> app notifications 

Select an app then tap notification categories 

Tap notifications and you can turn off vibrate there

It took me way too long to figure this out.