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A70 does not receive latest update




After having the usb connector connected/disconnected endless notifications, I sent it to the lab and they replaced the motherboard and the usb charger and all was good.


Lately, there was a new update 1/sep that my phone is ignoring and saying there's no such update. A colleague of mine with the same phone, did receive the new update.


I wonder if it's something the lab did or maybe the hardware they put is doing that. Any idea what can I do to check what's going on?



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The work carried out shouldn't have affected how your phone updates @Amoss 


Updates are sent out in waves / batches to phones.


Phones receive them at different times dependant on country, phone build number  serial and CsC code and if the phone is branded i.e network supplied or unbranded i.e Samsung supplied direct.


Also if a phone has been imported in from another country can have an impact on updates. 


So two exact same phones in the same country can receive the update at different times.


Perhaps hook up to Samsung Smartswitch to see if anything happens that way.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look for you.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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I know there's something called "fota", how can I check if my "new" phone supports it?


Samsung smart switch is only for send/receive data between devices, no? That's what I get when I open it.


What about galaxy store? Can I check there for something related to firmware updates?


Thanks @

FOTA stands for Firmware Over-The-Air. This is available on pretty much all Samsung phones, including your A70. If you are still in the region you purchased the phone updates will reach you.

Make sure you have over 10% storage, 50% battery and you can connect to WiFi. The updates will reach you as soon as it is available.

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I have all you wrote.


It says there are no new updates so I wanted to make sure that they didn't replace the motherboard to a "broken" one.


Is it something I can check somewhere in the settings?


Our Repair Centres are required to service devices back to full functionality. They wouldn't put a broken part in your phone. The motherboard would also not affect your ability to receive updates.

Hope this helps!

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My current version is: A705mnxxu3asg6 / security patch level July 1st 2019.

Before the problem and replacement, I did one update.

After receiving the phone again, it said there is no update. I don't know if they did an update or not.

The above is the "original" one of the phone or is it the one before last (oct update)?


A reply to my last question about the version will be much appreciated, can someone please take a look and let me know?




ps: A705mnxxu3asg6 / security patch level July 1st 2019


Please? someone?


I have the same problem. These type of problems occur after a reset was made on the phone.

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