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a70 black screen

(Topic created on: 20/07/20 23:05)
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Galaxy A Series

hi all me and the wife have the samsung a70 she has had an issue in feb where the screen froze for a short while which needed to restart the phone we took it to the repair centre and it was fixed (needed new motherboard)..... during the lockdown the phone started to give a black screen (but was still responding to notifications) this could sometimes last between 30 mins to an hour and with it being lockdown it meant we were unable to get it sorted straight away.... fast forwarding to this week on the 13th it happend again which wasnt a good sign as we were going away the following day it had been fine during the week and then on the sunday (yesterday) my wife came to me and said the screen had gone black again and once passed over the screen appeared again so thinking the problem was fixed.... 


i put the phone in the bag out of the sun and carried on with the day once back at our place of stay i picked the phone up and again it was black screen i plugged it in to the charger and placed it on the side and left it to charge over night..... this morning (monday) i took the phone off charge and packed our stuff away and on picking it up it was still on black screen i could feel all the vibrating from the notifications and it even connected to the bluetooth on the car... because i used my a70 ( had no faults as of yet ) for satnav my wifes phone was sat in the glove box and it slowly died during our trip home..... ii put it on charge whenreturned home and i am unable to see if its switched on or not but im also worried as the samsung cloud hadnt been able to back up data while we were away. can anyone suggest what it could be ( before any replies about water damage its not been in water )


im worried about sending it off for repair as the last time i sent an item off for repair i was told it was beyond repair and that it needed a new antenna and a new screen which would cost over £150 i refused as the issue wasnt anything to due with the antenna as it was a house tablet so no sim and the screen was perfect no scratches but then i was asked it i would like the tablet back or for them to discard it..... i decided to have it returned and on its arrival i switched it on to see what the screen was like as i was told it was broke for it to work perfectly fine so please understand my concerns....   any help appreciated