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A20e Push Notifications - Not working or not available?

(Topic created on: 13-02-2021 10:31 PM)
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Galaxy A Series


i have an A20e with an annoying issue.

When the phone is locked with the phone screen off and I get sent WhatsApp messages, I get sounds but no push notifications to light up the screen to notify me that I have a message.

A similar problem occurs with the Ring app. When there’s motion detected or someone presses the door bell, The phone will vibrate and make a sound but a push notification is not sent to the screen to light up the off  screen.

In both of the above cases, this is particularly annoying as I need press the power button to light up the screen to see the notifications and consequently unlock the phone to view the notifications.

Now, oddly text messages do work whereby push notifications do appear on the locked off screen without pressing any buttons so I suspect it is app related rather than phone limitation, at least I hope so! 

I would welcome everyones experience with this either on the same phone or the scenarios described above. I have various and all suggestions on the ‘net forums etc.

I hope this is resolvable as it’s a backward step in technology if it cannot be resolved by Samsung and expected functionality that has been around been around for many years on many devices.