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A10 locks up

(Topic created on: 15-08-2021 09:50 AM)
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Galaxy A Series

My a10 locks up/freezes randomly, I have to close the screen and then re open the phone to make things work again.

Also happens when I'm receiving a call, I have to do the same procedure.

I have done the recommended steps to fix, including factory reset and it still freezes.

It is out of warranty  (more than 2 years old). Is it worth paying for it to be fixed or just to get a new phone. I'm in the UK. 

Thanks for any help.

Galaxy A Series
It's worth checking what device memory capacity you currently have left... if the device memory is close to full... the phone can behave odd.

Check you're using the latest firmware.

Regularly use device care if you don't...

Remove any unused apps and games...

If no ideas or suggestions work then treat yourself to a new phone, depending on where you go... you could maybe trade in the A10... because it seems glitchy, I wouldn't try to sell it on unless you sell it as faulty. I wouldn't go out the way to try to repair it.

These are just my thoughts and opinions.