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Facebook feature update notification.


So this has been spoken about before but about 2weeks ago. Since the latest Beta update I'm now receiving the same notification of "Facebook features updating" I can close the notification by going in to the play store but it comes back after 30mins or so. Anyone els having this issue since the new update? 


There is another way but you will lose your warranty and trip knox.. you wont be able to use samsung pay or android pay. Also some apps will not work.


It's back with a vengeance... 

Maybe this is the mysterious 400mb of data a day that is going used but the detail doesnt show. My data usage is about 300-400mb a day higher than the usage that the listed apps add up to.


2 minutes later, and the notification  is still there. 

At this rate, I'll be going back to Android 9 and staying there. Android 10 update totally isn't worth it. 




@TomaszT can you please ask the developers for an update on why this keeps happening?



Its back again.

I'll just keep sending feedback and posting here when I see it in case anyone finds out what it is before me.

Any feedback yet @TomaszT ?

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I have about 320mb of mobile data usage unaccounted for today. My total shows 703mb used but the app details only add up to about 380mb. 

I'm starting to think its whatever that update is, which isn't showing in the play store, and I'd consider that to be a very serious bug, using data and not having it accounted for. 

The update does not use mobile data unless you have auto update on mobile data ticked. None of my apps update over mobile data unless I manually update them. Mind you I dont look at my data much as I have 50gb per month

To uninstall an app on your phone go to settings on your phone. Then go to  Applications.  There you will find a list of all the applications installed on your phone.   They are usually in alphabetical oeder.  Find Facebook… open it. There it will give you the choice to uninstall the app.