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T7 SSD Video Game crashes/freezes

(Topic created on: 14-01-2023 09:35 AM)
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Hello all, 

I've got an issue with my Samsung SSD T7  2Tb.


I bought this SSD a couple years ago for storing/playing video games and I must admit, it's not been great. 

When I first plugged it in, nothing would work. I couldn't find any help at all for it until I came across this video on youtube. It turns out that the firmware that was preinstalled sucked and it needed updated. The annoying thing was that there was no instructions to download this app to download updates.

The SSD has been mostly fine but some games crash regularly on it and others at random. It's always the same thing, the game begins to slow down and stutter and the controls have a response delay but never completely crashes. This is not to do with the machine as games that are saved on the local drive are absolutely fine. 

Recently, past three or so months, almost nothing is working well. Every single game I play on this eventually crashes and recently it's been after about 15/20 minutes of play time and it's really frustrating. 


Has there been a recent update? Is there a way to put the software/firmware back to one of the versions that wasn't so bad?

Has anyone else had this problem and has a solution?

Is this just for this model of SSD or is it a Samsung thing?

Any other tips/info you can give would be greatly appreciated.