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Monitor - Change brightness in eye saver mode

(Topic created on: 09-11-2020 07:41 PM)
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I currently use the Samsung S27F354FHU monitor. Because I want to protect my eyes, I use the monitor in eye saver mode all the time. But in the evening, even the eye saver mode is too bright for me and the brightness setting is locked in eye saver mode. Is there any way to still change the brightness of the screen? I currently use the software "Dimmer", which isn't really great but does the job, but it also affects screenshots / screenrecordings etc, so I wanted to ask if it is possible to do that directly at hardware level.

change brightness
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i have the same issue i feel it is present in all S27F354FHU monitors. it's a shame we still don't have any solution to this besides using a software. i didn't even know about it. Thanks for sharing though!

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I don't think so there is an option to do this. I've tried a lot of picture modes and none of it gives a lower brightness.

The only way I could get lower brightness was by turning on HDR in windows and then setting brightness to 30