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M7 smart monitor 32" - Alexa not working

(Topic created on: 12-06-2022 11:49 AM)

Hi I have the following monitor:

Samsung M7.

I have an M7 Monitor - it has 3 voice assistants - Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
Model number: LS32AM700URXXU
I am trying to connect it to Alexa but am having problems. Samsung support told me to contact the forum.
I have:
  • Installed the smart things app
  • Logged into my Samsung account 
  • Successfully added my M7 monitor to the smart things app
    • Under the same wifi as my Alexa
  • Added the smart things alexa skill and logged into the same Samsung account as for Smart Things
  • Added the skill and searched for the device (M7 monitor)
  • The alexa app doesn’t discover the monitor  
  • I go to the Samsung settings for voice to set up Alexa
    • There is usually a QR code of pin displayed to login to my Alexa account on my monitor 
    • However, I have the following spinning white dotted wheel with no code or options 
    • Was2022_0-1655030819931.jpeg


  • I have tried to reset the process from scratch but face the above same errors 
  • I have tried to reset the smart things app, delete the device, disable the skill, and remove the device link but all to no avail 
  • Both devices have excellent wifi connection and are connected to the exact same network
  • I have a Sony TV with Alexa voice support which works absolutely fine
Please help as this is crucial for me.


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I also have the same issue with the 43 inch smart monitor m7. Can Samsung help with this issue?



My Alexa account linking on the monitor works. The monitor had to go off to Samsung to replace the power board. 

The Alexa functions are very limited (off and change volume). You can't even turn on the monitor with Alexa.

Very disappointed.

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I have exactly the same problem with the LS27AM502NRXEN smart monitor.I contacted  Samsung Support one week ago but they have not responded as yet.Bixby works fine on it but it doesn’t generate a code to allow me to sign in to my Amazon account.

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Same here, I have Samsung M7 43", it doesn't work! They should update the firmware... does anyone found a workaround?


Hi All,

Mine had to go off for repair to Samsung. It works now after they replaced the power board. 

Alexa can change the volume and turn off the monitor, but that's it. It doesn't have a hands-free wake or any other features - very basic. Hope that helps. 

Did anyone get this worked out? I have a brand new Samsung stream monitor, worked the first time at setup. I then changed the name of the TV and now have the exact same issues as the first poster in this thread!! Not very impressed
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Any news on this topic? I’m having exactly the same problem. I tried updating the firmware, resetting everything but the issue hasn’t been fixed.

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Hi. Is everyone still having the same issue?

I got Alexa to work eventually, but only on the monitor itself so I can't control it via my main Amazon Echo Show which I'm using as my central 'hub'.

FYI Alexa on the monitor wasn't originally working; I started using Bixby when I first got the monitor then wanted to switch to Alexa but the settings just wouldn't allow it until I factory reset the monitor and then selected Alexa during the startup process. And then it worked fine; but only on the monitor and only whilst it's switched on.

Connecting the Smart Monitor to my Echo Show so that I can switch the monitor on or off appears to be a no-go. Tried everything. Reseting all devices. Linking SmartThings to Alexa. Using the built-in SmartThings hub. The Echo Show find my Samsung SmartTags with no issues each time. Just not this Smart Monitor.

I'm thinking the only way I can resolve this is to get an Amazon FireStick and use that instead of the native media apps? This would then allow me to control the Smart Monitor from my Echo Show central hub. What do you think?
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Oh big surprise.  Something is advertised as one thing and turns out to be garbage.

I'm having zero luck with this.  I can't even get the monitor to turn off with the Alexa App.  Alexa sees it but only as some strange quasi Alexa device.  I can use Alexa through the TV itself.  Giving a command.  But something like "Turn On Monitor" Nope.  That's just too much to ask for I guess.

Nothing is as advertised.  This is just these companies determined to not play with each other.