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Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 13 inch Fine Tuning.

(Topic created on: 13-05-2022 09:23 AM)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

This post relates to the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 13 inch Laptops. Boot times - i5 11th gen 6-7 seconds, i7 12th gen 12 seconds. 

I have four Samsung Laptops, this post refers to fine tuning/improving performance and battery life on the Galaxy book Pro 360 i5 and Pro2 360 i7 12th Gen Evo. Windows 11 Pro. Both 13 inch machines.

First of all a summary. In my opinion the Galaxy book pro 360 13 inch machines are better or equal to other top end machines such Dell XPS, HP, Asus, etc. The Samsung machines are well built, aluminium, very thin at around 11.5mm, very light and the 360s have fully laminated thin bezel screens. After fine tuning I can see 34 hours battery at idle and 16 to 18 hours of email, office, internet use.

I have listed below adjustment made to my machines -

1. I have removed almost all of the Samsung apps except Samsung system (Fan speeds useful) and Samsung updates.

2. I have removed all other non wanted apps like Games, Disney, MS news, McAfee, Tips, One drive, Xbox, etc, etc. You will see the app list go from around 96 apps to 40. 

3. Small icons in task bar via registry tweak. and moved to the left.

4. Disable background running apps in Win 11. 

5. Screen brightness to about 60%.

6. In Edge settings, (Right hand side then left hand system settings) stop acceleration, tick boxes for close down apps after x seconds, apply energy savings. Plus in Group policy - stop Edge starting at Windows logon.

7. In setting, colours, etc untick visualisation.

8. In advanced settings, untick most boxes to improve speed. (ie untick sliding combo boxes, fading, etc)

9. Untick any items that start at Windows logon, I just leave Defender notification).

10. Remove any remaining apps not wanted like Xbox with Group edit runs.

11. Clear any temp files via %temp% Then restart. 

12. Stop Windows Widgets running via settings and Reg Edit. Typicall 7 widget can be seen running in the background in services.

13. Stop Windows search, sys main pre-fetch, connected user telemetry (messages back to MS) etc in services.

These are settings that suit my usage, I cannot accept any responsibility if the above fine tuning does not suit your needs.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 13 inch machines are hard to beat in terms of overall performance.


First Poster
Computers & IT

Please share the detailed step by step guide like reg edit, widgets,etc which helped extend battery life

Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2 - i7 Settings and Adjustments

Initial Uninstalls.

  1. From start menu.

Solitaire, Adobe Creative Cloud express, Spotify, Disney, X Box, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, MS Office 365, Prime video.

  1. In control panel.

McAfee live safe, MS 365 office, Microsoft One drive, Microsoft One Note, Samsung Smart Switch.


  1. Next run down the column of apps.

Amazon, Bixby, Clip studio, Feedback hub, Galaxy Booksmart switch, Groove Music, Live Message, MS News, MS Weather, MS Power BI, MS to do, Note Shelf, Private Share, Tips, Weather.


  1. Look in Apps and Features.

Film and TV, Mail and Calendar, Messenger, Notepad, Paint, Samsung quick search, Samsung Notes, Sticky Notes, X Box live.


Adjustments that were made in Windows 11 Pro -


  1.             Small icons on screen
  2.             Small icons on Taskbar via registry tweak and set to left.
  3.             Disable live icons
  4.             Disable background running apps Systems, privacy, background apps.
  5.             Look at Start-up – disable some apps
  6.             Adjust power and screen on times, screen 15 mins to stop burn in and two hours plus when on power to switch off so updates can install fully.
  7.             Remove games and any other trash
  8.             Put Control Panel, Snip, etc in taskbar
  9.             Disable remote assistance
  10.          3D Builder uninstalled
  11.          Microsoft tips uninstalled (everyday tips)
  12.          Microsoft News uninstalled.
  13.          Microsoft Weather uninstalled
  14.          Xbox disabled, cannot be uninstalled (One of four apps, remove via GPedit)
  15.          Mobile Plans App uninstalled (Mobile plans with connection fees)
  16.          Sketchbook uninstalled (Artist sketch pad with fees)
  17.          Plex uninstalled (Streaming media with Monthly fee)
  18.          Stop OneDrive, uninstall from C Programs x 86, etc.
  19.          McAfee removed, use defender instead
  20.          Microsoft 365 removed before Office 2019 Professional Pro installed.
  21.          In performance only leave 3 items ticked, Show Thumbnails, Smooth edge screen fonts, use drop shadows for icons.


  1.          Stopping Cortana – Not enabled by default in Win 11


  1. In Windows update, advanced options, click tick box – include other updates for products, etc.


  1. Edge carries on running when closed, so go to top right dots, system, left panel, keep running off.

Plus, in settings, then left settings set close to minimum 30 seconds. Set to fade and max efficiency.



  1. Using System File Checker in Windows 11.

Enter sfc /scannow (note the space between "sfc" and "/").


  1. To clear cache in Windows 11.

Type %temp% and press enter, remove contents of file.


  1. Samsung flow uninstalled because my phone is not compatible.  Use USB cable to transfer files.


  1. A useful setting in Group Policy edit (Win 11 Pro).  In Windows user templates. Disable Windows Edge from starting with Windows. I have set to disabled. Just how these interplays with Edge efficiency minimum battery usage is unknown.  i7 runs Win Pro 11


  1. Galaxy book setting in Apps has been left running since it controls fan speeds, etc (Very Useful).



Changes in Admin and Services in Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 13 inch Windows 11.


Services disabled are Windows Search, Sys Main prefetch, Connected user experience and telemetry, Windows push notification service, Certificate Prop, Maxim Audio, Smart card x 2 services, Galaxy book experience, Dolby Dax API.


Plus removed - Samsung PC Cleaner, Dolby Access removed because mainly for games, PC Update, Bluetooth Sync removed because it uses the cloud (via a Samsung accounts) Studio Mode, Online support, plus IP helper and Intel Dynamic Application host loader (Allows you to run small portions of Java) and Samsung recovery removed (Use Windows recovery instead).



How To Fix High CPU Usage By Service Host Local System - YouTube


Attempts to stop high CPU usage – Service Host Systems, plug a leak in virtual memory.


Reg edit, Hey Key Local Machine, System folder, control set, services, NDU, start to modify, change value from 2 to 4.



Registry Adjustments in Windows 11.

Action taken to stop Microsoft getting optional info.


The .reg files below make changes to the DWORD value in the registry key below.


AllowTelemetry DWORD

0 = Security (Enterprise and Education editions only, 1 = Basic, 2 = Enhanced
3 = Full (Recommended). Changed to 0 (Allow and max both set to 0)


To disable Widgets in Win 11, but did not work. HKeyCurrent user/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advanced/ TaskDa Changed to 0 = disabled.


Widgets still start when Edge is opened, typically 7 off start up.


To disable Push Notifications.

HKeyCurrentUser/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/PushNotification/New Dword/32 bit/


Notes re disabling notification Go to ------

Win + R group Policy editor



User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications


To remove Xbox Game bar app use Powershell in Admin setting then put in

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage


Then restart because edge might not work until restarted.


How to remove “Your Phone app in Win 11.

In Powershell Admin put in below and restart.

Get-AppxPackage “*YourPhone*” | Remove-AppxPackage


To completely remove Widgets, put the following into PowerShell and agree Y = Yes press enter.

widget uninstall "windows web experience pack"


R C Barker June 2022