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[Critical issue] Not allowing me to use my PC with SSD RAPID active

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I am currently writing from safe mode since this issue is not allowing me to use my computer at all.


There was a Samsung magician notification and I updated accordingly. As I went to check the new update, I found a rapid mode and enabled that for my 4TB 860 Evo. (Note I have a PM961 1TB NVMe as primary, 4TB 860 Evo and 2TB HDD as secondaries)


As soon as I restarted, and entered my password, it noticed it taking some time with the circular loading animation then it loaded into a black screen with the window bar still present. It keeps on refreshing without any progress. I cannot open the windows menu and the task manager is affected by the constant refreshing. 


I've now booted into safe mode and uninstalled - no progress

safe mode again but new install - no progress. I did get an error log as shown below if its any help. Please help as I CANNOT USE MY PC.


Error as seen in video - https://youtu.be/G7jm2A-BAzQ

Please find the log here - https://pastebin.com/dq3SCsHm 

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See video evidence here after entering password. - https://youtu.be/G7jm2A-BAzQ


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