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Can inputs be changed on U28E590 via hot keys or software?

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I have two U28E590 4K monitors hooked up to my main desktop, which I used for my main job and also some 4K video editing. 


I also have a more powerful HP laptop that I am using more for 4K video editing as it's got a newer generation i7 processor and a RTX 2070 graphics card, which is quite a bit better than the AMD RX480 in my desktop.


I like to have the laptop beside me to do some editing when I get a chance, and have it hooked up to one of the inputs on one of the monitors.  It would be real nice if there was a software hot key that I could switch inputs with quickly, as reaching in behind is not very convenient the way I have it.


Is it possible to do this so I am not having to reach for the toggle on the back of the monitor?


I have tried the PIP/PBP and I don't really like it, when I choose an option that isn't the side by side for some reason it makes the laptop the bigger display, which is what I don't want, and it also then converts the laptop to just having 2 identical displays instead of extending it.


Better yet would be some 3rd party software that would allow me to have the laptop screen in a resizable window on the monitor - does anyone know of such a thing?


Thanks in advance.

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It's indeed possible! I had the same issue and kind of solved it with this freeware:

It's really cool and you are able to setup keys to perform the switchover, but need to have the same software on the other machine of course :smiling-face:



Thanks!, I will try that asap.


Update - I have it running, on my main machine, but in trying to change the input from Displayport to HDMI1 it doesn't react. Also, how did you assign a command line to a key? Nothing in the readme seems to explain that. 

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