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57" Odyssey G9 input swith annoyance

(Topic created on: 12-02-2024 06:38 PM)
First Poster

This subject is really carving up my nerves, 

Ideal scenario (every other monitor  I've had):

PC1 on Input 1 is ON, PC2 on Input 2 is ON and current image is coming from Input 1.

PC1 is turned OFF and immediatly monitor will change to Input 2 since it makes an automatic scan and sets itself to the next available signal.

Also, monitor wil stay asleep and regardless of the last used input, it will turn itself on and set the input to whatever signal it receives from either PC1 or PC2 when turned ON.

Real scenario (Odyssey G9 57"):

Unless you manually do what was mentioned above, NOTHING will hapen... Of course it has an automatically change input to a new connected device that will fix the newly turned on PC part... Well if you are on PC1, while PC2 is asleep, and you just need to quickly do a remote desktop thing it will change itself to Input 2 as expected, but in my case not desired. And even so, it will NOT change inputs if you turn OFF PC1 and PC2 was already ON when you did so.

I guess that all that ranting was just to say that this monitors lacks a perpetual automatic input scan feature that every other monitor I've used has, also a NO "deep sleep" option.

It is agreat monitor, but that only thing is cumbersome enough to have me thinking of returning it.

Can anyone help?