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The Samsung Photo Awards: Recap

Daniel S
Samsung Content Creator


In a celebration of creativity and community spirit, our recent Photo Awards campaign brought together 12 vibrant communities in a visual extravaganza. The accompanying contest centred around the theme of capturing the essence of a "Perfect Pair" via pictures taken on Samsung devices to honour the August launch of the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5.

Contest Overview
The Perfect Pair contest garnered an impressive response, drawing in a whopping 23,913 visits to the contest pages. Participants eagerly showed off 5,753 entries, showcasing some seriously unique takes on the theme. The heart-warming aspect of community support was evident as shown by the 15,632 likes received during the competition.

Photo Awards Campaign Poster.png

Local Triumphs
Each participating community saw the emergence of a local champ, chosen for their exceptional portrayal of the Perfect Pair theme. These victorious individuals not only flexed their artistic prowess, but also earned an exclusive invitation to a highly anticipated Photo Awards ceremony.

Photo Awards Campaign Collage.png

Photo Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony, held virtually, was a culmination of excitement and anticipation. Guided by a lively host, the event unfolded with the announcement of local winners from each community.

Magical Moments
Adding a touch of enchantment to an already magical ceremony was none other than the renowned magician Marc Spelmann. Known for having wowed the judges during his “golden buzzer” performance on Britain's Got Talent, Spelmann captivated the audience with some of his signature spellbinding illusions.

Photo Awards Campaign Spelmann Poster.png

Europe's Finest
The climax of the ceremony was the reveal of the top two photos, determined by the votes of Samsung Members Stars. They unanimously decided that the best submissions came from the Latvian and Polish community! The two lucky contestants were not only bestowed with the honour of being the best among the best but will also be receiving a remarkable prize—a Samsung bundle featuring the Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Watch6, and Galaxy Buds2 Pro!

combined winners.png

It’s a wrap
The Photo Awards Campaign was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of talent, community, and photography via the powerful lens of Samsung devices. As we reflect on the success of this endeavour, we look forward to future opportunities to unite and celebrate the artistry of our very own Samsung communities.