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Samsung q70r Soundbar DOLBY ATMOS audio freeze/repeat noise

(Topic created on: 03-01-2021 10:49 AM)
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Hey there guys I just bought a HW-Q70r Samsung soundbar connected to my 65inch q70r Samsung tv so I haven’t been getting issues specifically with Dolby atmos when using my Xbox series x plugged into the soundbar passthru to the tv my problem is when I’m watching anything with Dolby atmos enabled on my Xbox RANDOMLY there will be a echo or repeat noise like it’s a constant ringing noise to the point I have to turn off Dolby atmos just to enjoy using my soundbar I love using Dolby atmos when it works but getting constant noise issues really takes me out of it what do I do to fix this? I bought this soundbar for Dolby atmos but when I use it on my Xbox the sound that comes out its like it locks up and has a irritating noise to I just can’t believe it I love the soundbar and the bass but I can’t do much? What do I do?