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Creating a wireless multi room - what's the best way for what I want to achieve?

(Topic created on: 09-12-2017 10:39 AM)
First Poster

Hi all,


ive got a HwK-360 sound bar which I often play music to via Bluetooth from my smartphone. However I'd also like to add an additional speaker to put in my kitchen and link this wirelessly to my sound bar so the same music is played throughout but can also be used indipendently if the Mrs wants to listen to something awful from her music collection...


from doing sing a bit of digging today I've seen a lot to do with needing a hub and then adding M5 or M7 speakers. Then downloading an app to control the sound and which devices are used in which room.


so a few questions:

1. Is the hub really necessary for just adding speakers to one or two rooms or is the hub mainly for reaching a greater distance in the home?


2. Would it be easy enough to just buy a speaker and sync it to the sound bar wirelessly? 


3. Can anyone one confirm if I would need to use an app to control how this all works and which app that would be? My smartphone uses iOS if this helps?


4. When I've looked at speakers, the m5 and m7 don't seem to be widely available. Are they becoming older tech now and being replaced with other models? I've seen the R1 and wondered how that might compare as opposed to the M5?


appreciate any advice you can offer.


many thanks, john.