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Connecting HW-Q70R Soundbar with two VL350s for Surround Sound 5.1

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Has anyone managed to connect the above products for 5.1 surround sound? I bought two VL350s after being told they would work for 5.1 (or 5.1.2 to be precise with Atmos capabilities of the soundbar).


I have managed to get music playing out of all three speakers via the Smartthings app, Spotify and Bluetooth. This was using one of the VL350s as the main speaker (the speaker Spotify transmits to) and the other VL350 and the HW-Q70R are connected to this. 


However, I can't get them to work as satellite speakers for 5.1.2. The only way I can get the VL350s to share from the soundbar as the main speaker is over WiFi. The problem then is the soundbar won't connect to the TV (Philips OLED 55" 754) whilst on WiFi so no sound is played. When I turn the soundbar back to the HDMI ARC input for the TV, sound comes out of the soundbar but not the VL350s, even though Smartthings says the VL350s are "sharing from Soundbar Q70R".


I have tried to connect the soundbar to the TV via WiFi but I can't see an option to do this. Plus, I'm assuming this would lose the Atmos capabilities, as Atmos needs to be run through HDMI ARC. Is this correct? The TV does not have Bluetooth. I have tried to connect the soundbar and VL350s over Bluetooth, but this won't allow me to group the speakers together with the soundbar as the main speaker, however, you can group them all together with a VL350 as the main speaker via Bluetooth. I cannot see a way to connect a VL350 to my TV as the TV does not have Bluetooth or an apparent way to connect over WiFi.


Does anyone have any other suggestions? It looks like my only other option is to buy the SWA-9000s rear speaker kit as I have read this is compatible with soundbar. However, I don't fancy paying a further £200 after investing so much to date and I have rerad mixed reviews on the volume/clarity of the SWA-9000. 


Thank you in advance. 







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