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Audio/Video doesn't stay in sync when I export from app

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I have tried with many different video making apps. I used to enjoy making videos edits to music when I was a kid and thought I'd try it again. I was an apple user then and I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 now (A little bit old, I know.) I've made a video and had the pictures in it in sync with the beat of the music. I go and export it to add more effects to it with a videofx app and the music is no longer in sync with the video. I checked the video in my gallery and sure enough, it was out of sync. So I downloaded a whole other app and did all of it all over again. Got it perfectly in sync. It still exported the exact same way where the pictures lag a little behind the music. What the mess do I have to do to fix this? Can I fix it?? I don't think its the apps since they both did the same thing. (I used cutecut first and then adobe rush)

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