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Samsung 65w Charger Trio?

(Topic created on: 22-02-2022 12:51 AM)
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hiya, so I was looking around the Samsung website when I found out they had a UK 65w Trio charger (EP-T6530NBEGGB) which I thought looked super handy to charge my phone laptop etc. But it always says the "Where To Buy" option and when I go onto it there's no where where it sells to, and when I google it, there is no results at all. It also says its a new product which I find quite confusing. Anyone know what's going on with this product?

If u want the link here ya go:

Yeah when it says "Where To Buy" it's not stocked by Samsung online delivery (I'm guessing). I clicked through that link on my phone and it used my GPS first before showing me 20 stockists around my local area. It seems no retailer is stocking it in their online department right now and its available only to buy in person. If you're looking at it or your PC perhaps that's why it's not giving any results. It looks like it relies on your device's GPS to list stockists.