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comment on why my s8 doesn't connect to my dex station

(Topic created on: 13/01/20 12:01)
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Dear friends,

Having spoken to Samsung UK this morning, there is a reason that my Samsung Galaxy S8 wont connect to my Dex station. 

Before giving you the mind blowing reason why this is, let me explain.  When i bought my S8, it was sold to me with the idea that in would be able to use  dex station to connect it, and use like a PC. Wonderful i thought. I aquired a dex station, but due to timing wasn't able to connect my S8 until Xmas 2019. I bought a monitor especially, proper cables, and all the right connectionsto allow seamless connection i thought. In the intervening months, i had upgraded my S8 to a galaxy s9 Note. 

So i thought i would use my now defunct S* as a stand a lone PC, with all the connections to my apps and email that my S9Has. 

One problem. My S9 has the dex software built in as part of its "bloatware" that most phones come with. It connects automatically and well, with out any problems. 

My S8 doesn't have the software, apparently never did. And to add insult to injury, and here's the mind blowing bit, IT DEPENDS WHERE YOUR DEX STATION WAS BUILT AS TO WHETHER IT WILL WORK WITH YOUR S8.


Samsung this isn't good enough. the two phones are separated by a couple of months, yet one has the software and the other doesn't. You can't even download the app software from the galaxy store. You can only download apps frm other developers (which don't work either, i've tried them all).

Please samsung either add the software to your galaxy store, or allow us to update our S8's so that the dex software is accesible to all.  I'm typing this using the dex on my S9 note, but i want to use my S8.


Is it too much to ask from a loyal samsung customer ?