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Lack of Subtitle/Caption Formatting

(Topic created on: 15-10-2022 03:52 PM)
Alright, so, I'm at a bit of a loss here. It looks like the brand new TV (50" Q80B) I've just bought doesn't permit changes to the size/font/colour/background of the subtitles/captions. Yet my friend, who bought his Samsung TV 3 years ago (admittedly a larger and way more expensive model), has the ability to do this?
Are Samsung really saying that customisable accessibility is only permitted if you buy one of their expensive models? I understand restricting other things but accessibility? Really? I can't believe that.
I've had cheaper TV's and devices that permit this and I'm genuinely debating returning it for something that won't force large, in your face, subtitles on users that we can't change. 
I've spoken to both Customer Services and Customer Solutions (who were brilliant) and both were at a loss, with the latter talking to development team members and drawing the conclusion that adding this isn't on their radar. Which is odd given that Samsung's own Newsroom posted that they'd be providing this over 18 months ago:

I truly cannot comprehend why/how Samsung have failed their user community in this way. Am I missing something? Is this something we can request? If so, how? If not, why?

Hi @Laura__V ,


One of those where I wish we could escalate to the relevant folks at our side and hope to get it implemented. Sadly, there's nothing more we can do from here on this one than our Customer Support and Solutions colleagues did... at least not directly.


I do agree that the ability to customise the subtitles/captions like that should be a standard feature throughout a Smart TV range. I'd be interested in what everyone else out there think about this one too. 

Samsung Members Star ★★

A bit mystifying why Accessibility has not been extended  across the range  in the field of subtitles/captions.  Hopefully more of a priority in the future, obviously demand and a beneficial business move. Samsung has made a point of serving a variety of customers in the past.

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