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When is the gear vr note 8 edition avaliable in the uk?

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I've asked a few times and get various responses;


'We weren't aware that it needed one'


'It's still in development' (despite being available in the US)


'Keep an eye out for notifications'


I even asked them about buying one in the US and getting it shipped over (which as well as being faster, is likely to be cheaper) but they advised only to buy from my own sales area - Without actually confirming if there would be any issue.


i bought a couple from amazon


Samsung Gear VR (SM-R325) with Controller, Orchid Gray


I belive sm-r325 is the right version number - worked ok but ouch those chromatic abberations (color distortion in peripheral view) that ALL these VR systems is not nice



That's the incorrect version for the Note8 (although some reports day it fits okay). The Note8 version is currently only available in the US.


Im sure i bought the right version SM-R325 please see quote and link from samsungs web site below :¬)


How the Gear VR with Controller (Galaxy Note8 Edition) is Different

Both are Amazing and Different...

  • The Gear VR with Controller Galaxy Note8 Edition (SM-R325) is compatible with the Note8 and earlier devices back to the Galaxy S6. The Gear VR with Controller (SM-R324) is not compatible with the Note8, but is still compatible back to Galaxy S6.

  • The volume adjustment rocker has been removed from the Gear VR with Controller Galaxy Note8 Edition (SM-R325). You can still easily adjust the volume with the controller or from the phone.

  • The locking mechanism on the Note8 Edition (SM-R325) has been upgraded to allow for easier installation and removal of your Galaxy phone from the headset.



It even says note 8 on the box hehe - jsut checked

Interesting! Samsung's original photos actually had 'Note 8 Edition stamped on the side, but this has now gone. Just spoke to their technical and they are telling me that it has not been released in the UK, but were unable to advise on the Amazon link.

well i can confirm i purchased 2 from that amazon link (maybe they imported them to make a few bucks)

i jsut checked it was the right model number :¬)


box shows the correct model number and (now compatible with galaxy note 8) in blue and says it again on the back


anyways hope it helped




Hey @Ben83


This model of Gear VR is not currently available for purchase within the UK, so we'd be unable to advise further on where you can get your hands on this. 


The link @Madusmacus provided is an option for you, but we'd be unable to verify whether this is an EU model. If the VR wasn't intended for use within the EU, our support for the product would be limited to troubleshooting.





Ahh it probaly is an import then nay mind :¬) i didnt even think of checking this hehe

1) well the VR units were all detected fine note 8's and bluetooth connect ok
2) the software loaded and it all worked fine on my note 8
3) app purchases are ok too as i bought a few vr zombie things

Up to you now

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