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Having just recieved the latest 46mm series 4 smartwatch with 4g i feel a little dissapointed, the watch itself is a fantastic bit of kit as is my tab s3 with 4g, what has let samsung down is how they stop the watch from connecting to the tablet, it will connect to anything else samsung but not the tablet, i use my tablet for everything including calls so when i got the watch thought nice be able to recieve calls without taking tablet out, but no for some reason that is blocked, shame really because it is an ideal pairingfor someone whowould like a tablet but due to finances can have either a phone or a tablet, it also means that to enable me to use the watch i now have to get a phone to set it up, this means more wires to charge all devices and more stuff to carry around, the reason i got the tablet was to reduce all the tech i take with me.

Come on samsung get your act together make the watches comptable with all your devices, you never know you may even sell more table and watch combinations then and that would be good for us as consumers and good for your profits.

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Hey @BryEvs


The Galaxy Watch and other wearables are designed to work with phones, rather than tablets. 

I understand that you don't have a phone at this time and I'll be sure to pass your feedback and suggestions on to the R&D team. 


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