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Samsung Fit Watch

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My first problem started when the Samsung health app wouldn't sync my sleep from the night before. So uninstalled and reinstalled the apps. Hoping this would do a full sync of my data. Now I've lost all my data for today on the app. My steps won't even sync with the app. Someone please help!

SaudA Moderator
Hi @Jelly14

Let's get this sorted out. First, make sure your watch doesn't have Power saving, Airplane mode, or Watch only mode on. These modes restrict features that are required to sync data.

Here's how to turn off these different settings:

Power saving mode: From the watch screen, tap OFF under Power saving, and then tap the Check icon.
Airplane mode: From the watch screen, swipe down from the top, and then swipe to tap the Airplane icon.
Watch only mode: From Settings, swipe to tap Battery, and then choose Standard.

Then, make sure your phone and watch are connected over Bluetooth. Your phone and watch must be connected over Bluetooth through the Galaxy Wearable app to sync Samsung Health data. You can check this by opening the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

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