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Gear s2 - no notifications since July 2018 software update

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In July 2018 my Galaxy S7 updated the gear app (when it changed from Gear to Wear) and there was a software update around about the same time .


Since then my Gear does not receive notifications for most apps (email, text messages, WhatsApp,  Facebook etc.) I receive calendar notifications and incoming calls buts that's about it. 


I've checked the notification settings on the phone and wear app. Have even tried switching them all off and all on again but to no avail.


I've in paired and done a light reboot too.

Not the first time this has happened after a software update . Last time it was only corrected after an additional update.


Getting really fed up with it now- have a smart watch that isn't very smart!


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Superuser I

Are You able to get to a Samsung Experience Store or Service Centre who should be able to help. 


And or Back up and fully reset the watch. 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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I am having the same issue here. I jsut recently got my Gear S2 and paired it to my Edge 6. I am able to make calls and send text messages to my contacts. But the watch will not receive calls/texts. I can see tham on my Edge 6 but not on the Gear S2. Please help....??

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