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Gear Fit 2 Notifications Help

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Hi all, 


I recently bought the Gear Fit 2 and love it! However, there's a few niggles I wondered if someone could help me with please?


- I use the watch with my Sony Xperia X mobile phone. I receive all notifications which I have selected - but only when I wake the screen. Ideally I want the watch to vibrate whenever I receive a message. This was doing it up until today, apart from text messages - they wouldn't make the watch vibrate at all. Any ideas?


- Not only that, but since pairing it with my phone, the notification light on my phone for text messages has stopped too?


Anyone heard of any kind of conflict between the watch/text messages/notification lights on phones?


Finally, does leaving GPS on all the time make that much difference to battery drain?


Thank you.




Hi I use the gear with my s7 edge so I'm not familiar with you phone

You could try and restart your gear by holding the bottom button for a few seconds.

Also the app that connects you to your gear have a look at which notifications you are set to receive 

I always have the apps that I don't use or don't receive notifications from off.

And even restarting your phone could help and in these ways you don't lose any data.

A last resort could be to reset your gear to how it was when you bought it but if you are do a back up and before you do it play with the settings a bit more to familiarise yourself with it

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Thanks, no luck though :-(

Hi have a look at the default message app on your device
About the straight lines issue on your workout if you go into Google maps in the settings you can optimise your location
On my s7 edge I can also long press on location and I get 2 options that can impove tracking ones Bluetooth and Wi-Fi low energy tracking
Even pressing your blue dot on your location in maps can improve things
But I do get the blue straight lines you mention intermittently,but that I have found could be due to either being on a bike or getting a lift
And some times GPS seems to lose lock on for a moment
But I'm sure this is due to my reception area as I do struggle getting full bars on my reception and have my device 90% on 3g rather than 4g as it saves battery in poor reception areas
Do let us know how you get on

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