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LBC and Barclays Wont Install

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I have an s8+ phone and a Galaxy S3 tablet both running Android 8.0.0. On my phone I can download and use both the Barclays banking app and the LBC Radio App but the S3 says they are incompatible. Samsung support say it's because I do not have the SIM version of the S3 which sounds a load of cobblers to me. I turn off mobile data on my phone and both apps still work which I think disproves their statement. They have told me to take it back to the retailer and change it for the sim version. That sounds like more money to me.

Anyone else come across this problem?


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Hey @Sabrerattler


If the apps are not downloading on your Tab it may be that they are only mobile compatible and do not have tablet versions.


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Most likely the app is not compatible with none mobile devices i.e tablets best thing in this instance is to contact the app developer as opposed to Samsung as the information received from Samsung will only be speculative whereas the app developer will let you know if they have made the app compatible with that particular device or not.
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Just found out from Barclays that the app is incompatible (won't work!) with android tablets. Wishes I'd  known that when I bought the S3. The two apps I use most won't work on  Samsung tablets. They should advise what works and what doesn't at point of sale. Going to have to sell the tablet and go back to IPad. Damned inconvenient.

it is actually not down to Samsung to tell you what 3rd party app will work or not as they do not design and build devices and software around apps it is in actual fact the other way around, Samsung is only liable to tell you about its own apps and products if they are compatible and with it being over 10 million apps on the play store don't think anyone would want a compatibility list of apps it is unfortunate that you are not able to use your tab however if it was purchased from a retailer you can potentially try to get a refund.
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It is just damned frustrating I'm  afraid. I do need online banking on my tablet and listen to LBC for long periods each day. I moved from Apple iPad to the S3 on the basis of reviews. No point going back to the retailer after 9 months, they won't  do anything. Just going to have to sell my S3 and get an iPad. All works on those.

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