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Why "Host Name: localhost" ?


My Samsung UE49KU6400 is using Host Name: localhost, although in Network / Device Name is set as "Samsung 6 Series".

Why is it using the reserved name "localhost"? Doesn't Samsung know that it is not allowed to do that!

"localhost" is meant to be used only for the loopback interface!!!




Did you figured out how to change hostname ? My network is getting messed up due to this.


You cannot change it since this is a software bug and many Samsung users have reported the same problem in the below forums:

I have addressed this problem to Samsung Customer Service with reference number 2121143614, here is their response:

"Your customer reference number is 2121143614. This is to acknowledge that we have received your email. May we know if this is causing any issue with your network or other connected devices? We raised this to our product specialist but they confirmed that there is no known issue with this TV

Samsung technicians are blaming the Asus router for this, although I sent them a sniffer trace with no router involved where the TV is sending messages with "Host Name: localhost".
I also mentioned that I did not have this problem with my previous Samsung TV UE48H6200 when using the same Asus router.

So, they did not understand the error, they don't know the meaning of "localhost" or in the Cisco world. It's like they offer support only for microwave ovens and washing machines!!!


Ask them to get you in touch with their technical department. Maybe they can raise this issue to actual samsung developers and they will release OTA update for this.


A Samsung technician connected remotely to my TV and said that he does not see anything wrong with it.  Instead he offered me a "premium service" for free: to calibrate the colours of my TV; like that was my problem ))


After this action, my TV was running very slow, navigating through the menu was almost impossible. I had to make a factory reset of the TV in order to get rid of the slowness.


Let me tell you that I bought this TV in August 2017 and addressed this "localhost" problem to Samsung Support in September 2017. Since then I have struggled to convince them that they have a software bug,  but in vain. I received multiple phone calls from Samsung Support agents suggesting me to test with a different router, to connect the TV to a device via bluetooth (don't know why?!?!), to connect the TV to a hotspot wifi, etc..


They simply cannot acknowledge the error and therefore they will not escalate it to the upper level of support.


I have opened a thread at 

Let's see if this gets any attention


I had the same issue on my Asus RT-AC56U. If I recall correctly to get around it I gave the TV a static IP address and was able to change the hostname.


I recently updated the firmware from the legacy Merlin firmware to the newer 384 version. In the the changelog it states: 'FIXED: Some broken clients (like Samsung TVs) try to use
reserved hostnames - ignore these.'


Can confirm it works. Shame it has to be done this way because Samsung can't be bothered to fix their own issues.


Samsung are really annoying me with issues like this and even more now that they've closed the Blue Planet 2 HLG thread. I've also blocked their ads appearing in the hub by blacklisting a few links to their servers. If they want to put ads on my TV Samsung should subsidise the cost of the TV.


They don't listen, don't respond, don't care.


Same situation here in Singapore. They just disagreed to escalate but keep wanting to send someone down to change the hardware.


Seem no update. Samsung is dead?


I tested with Dlink router. Same issue.

The router just don't like a device call localhost. It will finally disconnect the device. Then you have to connect it back manually.

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