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Smart View does not connect - "Something went wrong. Please try again"


I have basically the same problem, only that i'm able to find my Samsung smart TV on the laptop and start connecting to it, but then i get the attached error message on the TV.
any idea how can i solve this problem?


this is the error message i receive on my Samsung smart TV (UE40F6400AW)​​​

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Try this:

Window's Defender Settings > Firewall & Network Protection > Allow an app through firewall (at bottom of window) > Change Settings > Now scroll down to "Wireless Display" and check BOTH boxes for private and public.


Remove wireless tv display from settings, and then re-add your tv fresh and it should connect.


For some reason, even while on a private network Windows Defender won't allow wireless display unless it's manually added to both private and public in settings. 

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