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Smart View does not connect - "Something went wrong. Please try again"



sorry if my english is not good enough.. I'm from Chile and I usually speak spanish
The problem here is the Smart tv wireless, it can ony accept one conection, so if you want to connect your laptop, you have to disconnect the smart tv in order to connect the laptop, then yo have to click the right corner and select "connect", and thats all!

I've spent all day reading and trying ideas from forums, but this is the only way haha i 've solved it, good luck!

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I have the same problem, I have 2 hdmi ports being used, one for the tv box and other for the PS3, the WIFI is being used instead of the internet cable connection.
You say if I connect the internet to the Smart TV instead of via WIFI I will be able to connect my laptop and do the screen mirroring?
So, why I could do it at the first time with the first setup and now I am unable to do it?


Same situation, same model for me. I have Windows 10 on my PC. Both TV and PC are both on the same network via cable. "Something went wrong. Please try again" pops up no matter what I do (tried windows firewall, antivirus, etc, it sees the TV but does not connect. This problem has been around since June 2017 ( No official statement from Samsung as far as I know.


Samsung AllShare could work but Windows 10 hard-blocks it, cant use it.


I managed to access my PC files on TV via Samsung Link (but Samsung pulled this app off so you have to find some trusted source). Open network on PC, double click some "media files center" and add files via windows media player library.

Dont know why but TV still does not read subtitles (no matter how are they named or where are they placed) neither from PC drive or USB.

"Smart TV"? I dont think so. I have to admit I am very disappointed.

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I found the issue!

To connect my laptop to the samsung smart TV I need the WIFI connection free.

As soon as the WIFI connection is not being used I can mirror the display of my laptop into the TV.

I am now using internet cable connection into the samsung tv and I have no problems, as long as I don't use the WIFI internet connection.

Hope it helps!

Well good for you, but I dont use WIFI but cable, everything is on cable. Still "something went wrong".
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you need to have the wifi connection on the smart tv active and then connect via connect in the right-bottom menu.

I might have a solution depending on what you really want to do via PC - Samsung TV connection.


Specs: PC with Windows 10, Samsung UE55MU6172, network via cable.

What I tried based on internet solutions:

PC Windows 10 detects Samsung TV but "something went wrong", it simply wont connect for some reason no matter what magic I try with antivirus, firewall, etc.

Samsung AllShare is hard-blocked by Windows 10 (and I think not officialy available anymore).

Samsung Link works (app also not officialy available) but TV does not read subtitles.

LG SmartShare works but TV does not read subtitles.

Plex works, installed on PC and on TV as an app and linked together. Subtitles also work.





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hi how do I get the subltitles video?

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OMG i have found the solution... forget about smart view and all that *****... it has waisted so much of my time, i was trying for months to mirror my pc desk to my samsung smart tv (samsung tv series 5(50) and all i could do was only project single movies, images in windows but not stream the entire desktop... even when the pc and tv where connected to the same network and added as devices to the pc...... Thats because the mirracast directly wants to connect the tv to the pc withouth anything in between, sadly nobody at samsung cares to explain that... If you want to mirror your windows pc to your samsung tv ( tv series 5 (50) ) turn on the wifi adapter but DO NOT!!!! connect to any network, now you can find your samsung tv as a wireless tv display when searching in windows action center ("Project" then "connect to a wireless display")

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Hello everyone.


I also figured it out in another way. I'll describe how it worked for me.


I kept my wifi on and connected to my network provider on both, PC and Samsung SmartTV. 
My problem was firewall. 
If I shut down my firewall, the mirroring works fine. If I turn of the mirroring, and turn the firewall back on, and try to connect again, it says "something went wrong". Then I just shut down firewall... and try again, and it works just fine.
No need to turn off wifi, or turn off network. Nothing. Just firewall.


Another way to mirror, is using chrome cast if you have one. Just google "how to mirror pc to tv using chrome cast". It's also super easy and even faster. You can even choose to mirror just the internet tab, or the entire desktop. 


Hopefully this will help you.


Best regards,
T. Coutinho

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