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Smart View does not connect - "Something went wrong. Please try again"

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Hi All,


I recently (today) bought new TV - UE55MU6172. I installed Smart View on my PC (W10) and Samsung Phone. It does work on the phone but not on my notebook. App finds the TV but when I click on it to connect it says: "Something went wrong. Please try again". Now I tried restarts and deactivating firewalls. Nothing seems to help. I noticed there is a lot of people experiencing this issue on US forums. but no tangible advice provided.


Would you please be able to help me out.


Thank a lot,



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I have recently bought a new UE55MU6120 TV. I am unable to connect from my PC to TV using Smart View. I recieve the same error message "Something went wrong, try again".

I have been dealing with Samsung Support for a month, but getting nowhere, I emailed the Samsung UK CEO, who replied as follows "This issue has now been escalated to our Head Office Product Specialists" . We will see what transpires.

If you wish to contact the CEO (Sean *****, President & CEO Escalations) yourself, if you look on the Samsung Support website, you will find, if you look carefully, an opportunity to email the CEO.

Reading between the lines, this only seems to occurring on the Samsung Smart TV, latest models.

Apparently the US have been using Smart View for years, but are now experiencing the same error message with their latest models. I suspect Samsung will issue a patch, or new software, to overcome what appears to be a major problem.


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I just bought a new samsung tv (same model as the OP), and I'm experiencing the same problems. But I already had installed the old AllShare software and I will use that for streaming. Untill Samsung will push a fix for this problem I recommend you to download and install Samsung AllShare software for pc from here:

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Hello , did you solved it? Same problem here no matter what i do " Something went wrong " appears!

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Cannot install AllShare it is blocked by Windows10.Any other suggestions please?

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Try to run the installer in compatibility mode (win7) and with full administrator privilege. Do the same thing with the All Share client when you open it.

meu modelo e UN58MU6120GXZD estou com o mesmo problema,caso saia algum programa novo ou algo do tipo por favor entre em contato ... estou a instalar o allshare vlw pelo link
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Same problem here with a 50MU6172. Just bought it especially for casting movies from PC. YES I have connected them both on the same wifi network and allowed access through the firewall.


Many people have this problem but no one gives an answer!!!

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use lg smart share working perfect

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We have a few threads gong on Smart View which offer advice.   ensure your Tv had the latest firmware and phone has latest version of Smart View, another solution which has helped some  is switching on the Developer options.  https:/



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