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Samsung TV scheduled recording problem solving.


Hi all I want to open new topic as I am sure what to do to have it working.

My TV is UE49MU6400 but I am sure that is going to work with other as this is  little tricky and making TV crazy for moment.

So if your Samsung TV not doing scheduled recording but doing normal recording and time shifting then:

Put your TV in terrestrial mode

Go to Settings

Go to Broadcasting option 

Go to Auto Tuning Settings 


Now funny stuff

My TV have on bottom something like " Channel initialisation" option _ this is our problem... 

When you choose your options and press Tuning ok, tuning will progress, when reach around 20% turn TV off, remove plug from wall, put it back, turn TV on, go to tuning options and... 

Third option "Channel initialisation" should be no more...  If still is then you need to repeat it again. 

Then go further, tune  OK. 


Your schedule recording is working again... 

Don't ask me why..  


I'll be very happy if this worked for you, let me know ASAP. 

And now, our Big brother Samsung, can you explain us what is a problem and why you cannot do something to change it? 

Best to all



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