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Q9FN channel favorites list is un-defaulted upon restart

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I've made a Favorites List on my Q9FN65 but every time I start up the TV the list is deselected as the default list of channels to choose from (so I have to go in to the settings and choose it every time the TV is restarted). This problem is fairly recent, maybe last 1-2 months. Before that the favorites list would stay as the default even after turning on and off. Which is what I want.

Any solution to this?



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I have the same problem on my ue43nu7122 TV.


Any help would be appreciated!


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I have the same problem with my TV 49NU8072. It started after the lastest software update.


Very annoying and needs an urgent fix!

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I got the same issue on my QE55Q7FN since the latest update.
It also goes back to "all channels" playlist after going into any app like Netflix and then back to the "Direct-TV Cable".


Would be very grateful for a quick workaround.


Same here on Q7F. Did even factory reset, but no help.


I should add that the EPG is empty as well, even though the stanby time would only some seconds. Have to go to the channels for the EPG to be updated again.

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I have the same model and same problem. It is a pain in the a**. Please fix asap.

Same issue here with model : UE43NU7192

There is a firmware update (1270) that fixes this problem.

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