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Netfix compatibility with UE48H6400

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I have tried to watch a Netflix "interactive" film on my TV in the Kitchen and it says it isnt compatible but it works on my other Samung TVs all bought around the same time, albeit different models.


TV details are:-


Model code: UE48H6400

Software Version: T-MST14DEUC-2880.2, BT-S/G

Sub-micom Version: T-MST14DEUS-1009


I have tried to update all software but it says they are up to date.

I have reset the smart hub and restarted ok

I have reset the Netlfix app and logged in fresh.


is this TV genuinely unable to watch interactive programmes or is there something else i need to do?








I wasn’t too sure myself so had a quick google search. With Netflix and their interactive content it isn’t yet available on all devices including Samsung Smart TV’s ~possibly~ manufactured before 2015. Were your other TVs manufactured from 2015 onwards?


They advise updating the TV software and updating Netflix to the most recent app, but if you have already done this or they’re already up to date it does seem likely that the model won’t be supported at the moment.

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