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KS7500 keeps asking to check connect one connection when taken out of stand- by.

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same problem here.  please advise.

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So what is the solution?? 

Hiding the solution in a PM?!  Seriously.  Thanks for no help, I have a client with the same exact issue and if it's going to be this hard to get a solution I will simply recommend they change to a Sony TV.  Thanks for nothing.

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I'm having the same problem  Please PM me the solution

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There was another thread on connection issues-this one related to SkyQ  but there may be relevant information myself and others posted-regardless of connected devices.  otherwise Mod may advise info received fromTv experts.


apologies for anyone who requested an update from me, i have other things to be getting on with in my life than checking back on a now redundant thread issue.


the issue was resolved by Samsung, they replaced the mother board in my tv.


if you have the same issue, push for the same response i got.

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